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How will you diagnose Acute Appendicitis ?

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It is very simple to diagnose acute appendicitis. First take history from patient.

Appendicitis pain symptoms is migrating in type. Appendix pain starts from epigastrium then shift to umbilical area then finally shift to the right iliac fossa (right lower quadrant of abdomen) or pain occurs in whole abdomen and finally shift to right illiac region. Pain is colicky in nature.

Nausea, vomiting & loss of appetite are also other symptoms which may be present.

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Acute appendicitis signs are tenderness at Mc Burney's point, Rebound tenderness, Roving's sign and Cough sign are positive. Fever is also a sign.

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Mc Burney's point is a point at between lateral 1/3 and medial 2/3 of an imaginary line drawn from the anterior superior iliac spine to umbilicus.

Mc Burney' Point

Rebound tenderness : Patient feels pain at Mc Burney's point after
releasing the pressure.

Roving's sign : Patient feels pain at Mc Burney's point when press at left iliac fossa.

Cough sign : Patient feels  pain at Mc Burney's point when asks to cough.

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1.Blood C P (Blood Complete  Picture) : Shows leucocytosis (Increase White Blood Cell count) and neutrophilia (Increase Neutrophil count).

2. Ultrasound of abdomen :  May help in diagnosis.

3. Diagnostic laproscopy. Diagnostic as well as Therapeutic.

Acute Appendicitis Pic 5

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