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Types of Kidney Stones

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Multiple Kidney Stones

There are many types of kidney stones.

1. Calcium Oxalate Calculi.

  •  75%
  • Occur in alkaline urine
  • Called Mulberry stones
  • With sharp projections
  • Cause bleeding
  • Often black due to altered blood on their surface
  • Symptomatic even when small

Calcium Oxalate Calculus Pic 1
Calcium Oxalate Calculus Pic 1

Calcium Oxalate Calculus Pic 2
Calcium Oxalate Calculus Pic 2

X-Ray KUB Showing Renal Stones
X-Ray KUB Showing Renal Stones

2. Phosphate Calculi.

  • 15%
  • Occur in strongly alkaline urine
  • Commonly occur against a background of chronic urinary infection
  • Usually compounds of magnesium, ammonium and calcium phosphate
  • Surface is smooth
  • Dirty white in colour
  • May grow rapidly & fill the calyceal system of kidney taking on their shape ( Staghorn calculi)
  • Also called struvite calculi

 Phosphate Calculi
 Phosphate Calculi

Staghorn Calculus
Staghorn Calculus

3. Uric Acid Calculi

  • 5%
  • Occur in acid urine
  • Due to a consequence of high level of uric acid in urine
  • Hard in consistency
  • Surface is smooth
  • Light brown in colour
  • Radio logically translucent

4. Cystine Calculi

  • 2%
  • Relatively rare
  • Occur in acid urine
  • Usually multiple
  • White in colour
  • Extremely hard in consistency, so difficult to treat
  • Metabolic origin (Decreased reabsorption of cystine from the renal tubules)

5. Xanthine and Pyruvate Calculi

  • 1%
  • Rare
  • Inborn error of metabolism is cause.


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