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Multiple Sebaceous Cysts

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Multiple sebaceous cysts are not commonly seen. More commonly seen on scrotum.

Multiple Sebaceous Cysts on Scrotum Posterior Aspect

A 25 years old patient came at my clinic with complains of multiple swellings on his scrotum since six months. He was afraid of about his disease and understanding that he was suffering in a dangerous condition like carcinoma.

Multiple Sebaceous Cysts on Scrotum Anterior Aspect

 I reassured him and told that these were benign as they occurred due to blockage of ducts of sebaceous glands of skin and the accumulation of sebum (secretions of sebaceous glands) in them. I explained him that these were easy to treat as day care surgery.

Multiple Sebaceous Cysts Scrotum Pic 1

After all basic investigations like Blood complete picture, Blood urea, Random blood sugar, Anti-Hcv, HBsAg. Urine detailed report and X-Ray chest P/A view, surgical excision of these sebaceous cysts were done under spinal anaesthesia.

Multiple Sebaceous Cysts Scrotum Pic 2

Patient discharged on the same day as a day care surgery. Stitches removed on 8th post operative day.

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