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MCQ (Single Best Answer) For Doctors and Medical Students

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  MCQ (Single Best Answer)
 Answers are given below.

Renal Calculi
Renal Calculi

1. All are renal Calculi except
A. Cholesterol
B. Calcium Oxalate
C. Calcium Phosphate
D. Uric Acid

2. The side effeec of anti tuberculous drug Pyrazinamide is
A. Peripheral Neuropathy
B. Joints pain
C. Optic Neuritis
D. Deafness

3. Cause of paralytic ileus is ?
A. Hyponatremia.
B. Hypochloremia
C. Hypokalemia
D. Hypocalcaemia.

4. All are present in Thyrotoxicosis except
A. Tremor
B. Palpitation
Typhoid ileal perforation
Typhoid ileal perforation
C. Increase Serum TSH
D. Weight loss

5. In Prostatic Cancer increase Serum
A. Alpha feto protein
B. Bilirubin
C. Ca 125

6. A patient history of constipation. Complain of painful defecation, pain remains 3 - 4 hours after defecation, stool contains streak of blood. The Diagnosis is
A. Fistula in Ano
B. Pilonidal Sinus
C. Anal Fissure
D. Hemorrhoid

7. Which Vitamin deficiency causes Scurvy?
A. Vitamin K
B. Vitamin D
C. Vitamin C
Typhoid ileal primary closure
Typhoid ileal primary closure
D. Vitamin B 12

8. All are Anti-tuberculous drugs Except
A. Ethambutol
B. Streptomycin
C. Isoniazid
D. Nystatin

9. Treatment Option of Typhoid ileal perforation are Except
A. Primary ileal perforation closure.
B. Colostomy.
C. Loop Ileostomy.
D.Resection Anastomosis.

10. The drug Carbimazole is used in the Treatment of
A. Hypothyroidism
B. Hyperthyroidism
C. Cushing's Syndrom
D. Epilepsy

11. Treatment options of Anal Fissure except
A. Injection of 5% phenol in almond oil.
Renal Calculus
Renal Calculus
B. Local application of 0.2% GTN ointment.
C. Anal dilatation.
D. Lateral internal sphincterotomy.

12. In obstructive Jaundice patient, the colour of stool is
A. Clay
B. Yellow
C. Green
D. Redish

13. Treatment of Renal Calculi are except
A. Lithotripsy
B. PCNL (Per Cutaneous Nephrolithotomy)
C. Pyelolithotomy
D. Cystolithotomy

14. Treatment of Bradycardia during spinal anaesthesia is ?
A. Solucortif
B. Adrenaline
Acute Appendicitis
Acute Appendicitis
C. Atropine
D. Aminophyline.

15. CA-125 is a Tumor Marker for
A. Ca Cervix
B. Ca Pancreas
C. Ca Gall Bladder
D. Ovarian Cancer

16. Acute Appendicitis occurs most commonly in
A. Neonate
B. Children under 12 years
C. Teen Age
D. Old Age

1.A  2.B  3.C  4.C  5.D  6.C  7.C  8.D  9.B  10.B  11.A  12.A  13.D  14.C  15.D  16.C

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