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Hernia and its Types

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What is a hernia ? A common question asked by people.

Hernia is defined as abnormal protrusion of a viscus or a part of viscus through an opening in the wall of it's containing cavity.

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Hernia may be external or internal. External hernias are the most common type, includes inguinal hernia, femoral, umbilical, para umbilical, epigastric and incisional hernia. Hiatus hernia is the type of internal hernia.

Inguinal Hernia

Umbilical Hernia

Para Umbilical Hernia

Incisional Hernia

Causes of hernia
A. Congenital
B. Acquired, may be due to
  1. Increased intra-abdominal pressure: Any condition which increases intra-abdominal pressure such as weight lifting, chronic cough and straining on micturition or defecation. Increases intra-abdominal pressure is the main cause of hernia. 
  2. Obesity: Stretching of the abdominal musculature due to an increase in contents.
  3. Intra-abdominal malignancy.
  4. Smoking:  Due to an acquired collagen deficiency which increases an individual's susceptibility to the development of hernias.
Types of hernia 
May be
  1. Reducible: Contents can be returned to back.
  2. Irreducible: Contents can not be returned back. Risk of srangulation is present at any time.
  3. Obstructed: Bowel is obstructed with good blood supply. Usually goes to the strangulation.
  4. Stangulated: Obstructed blood supply of the bowel. Gangrene may occur within 6 hours. Require urgent surgery.
  5. Inflammed: Contents have become inflamed.
Types of hernia according to its contents
  1. Omentocele: Contains the omentum.
  2. Enteroccele: Contains the intestine.
  3. Richter's hernia: Contains a portion of the circumference of the intestine. 
  4. Littre's hernia: Contains the Meckel's diverticulum.


Treatment of hernia
Surgery is the treatment of choice for hernia. Open or laparoscopic, depends on availability of facilities and experties.

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